Do we accept the love we think we deserve?

I came across a rather poignant quote the other day: "We accept the love we think we deserve." It's a rather unsettling topic and it is usually a common theme for people who attend therapy. A person may notice they are unhappy and their relationships feel a bit messy. They feel they have no idea

Why is my husband such an asshole?

Why is my husband such an asshole? This has been asked many times, by many women, across the world. If you will forgive my language for a moment, I will try my best to explain to you why the significant other in your life drives you mad. And just a heads up, the ladies might not

Put your needs first – not your partner’s

Take what you have learned about “compromise” and “putting your partner first” and chuck it out the window. Sometimes, we need to re-evaluate things from other perspectives, especially in the face of conflicts. The media, society and many relationship experts often push the idea that selflessness is the best way to achieve a happy relationship

Rethinking Infidelity – is an affair always the end?

Ted talk by Esther Perel. Rethinking infidelity and building a new relationship after cheating.  

When is porn okay?

Images intended to arouse sexual feelings have been around since before the Victorian era. The late 1880’s saw porn becoming more popular and in 1896 a striptease was recorded on film for the first time. Fast track to 2016 and access to pornography is overwhelming. With just the touch of a button men and women

Making sex normal

Sex and the body should not be taboo, in life or in relationships. A great topic and very important. Making Sex Normal. Credits to Debby Herbenick and her TED talk in Bloomington

This why couples should delete each other as Whatsapp contacts

I’ll bet you have most probably had a similar text conversation before: “I’m bringing takeaways, I’ll be home at 6.” “K” “why just k? Is something wrong? Should I rather be cooking for you?” It seems to be a piece of advice so often given but so rarely taken - do not communicate important issues

Radio interview with CapricornFM

The interesting topic of celibacy came up and Zoe Wilson from Jalex Counselling described what it is, and the issues it may cause in a relationship and how to overcome it. Any thoughts or opinions on this? Please comment below! Celibacy in relationships

But what will happen to my vagina?

There they are, at the clinic or gynae’s office having their usual monthly check up - perhaps seeing that beautiful heartbeat on the screen whilst clutching their partner’s hand. Then the topic of childbirthing options comes up. Nervous glances are shared with their husband or partner and an all too uncomfortable thought flashes through her