Anonymous: I’m not sure if I need counselling, but am struggling with anxiety and feel like I need to fix it?

Profile Picture-Q&A AnxietyResponse from Zoe Wilson:

Thank you for getting in touch with me.

Experiencing a lot of anxious feelings is very difficult because it can effect our life in so many ways. A small amount of anxiety is to be expected in a fast paced world where there is a lot of pressure on us to succeed. But anxiety becomes abnormal if it is impacting on your usual activities such as your sleeping or eating habits. Feeling that you need to fix it is the first step in taking back control of your life and managing your anxious feelings. Counselling is helpful when it comes to dealing with this as it gives you a space to talk through some of the causes of your anxiety and come up with effective ways to overcome it. Feel free to make an appointment with me so that we can take the next step forward.

Take care!