Under the guidance of a marriage counsellor, you canfacilitate a deeper understanding of your partner and your relationship. The counsellor would construct a therapeutic approach based on what your relationship needs after the first session and together, the three of you will walk a journey of self discovery and growth.

Blended Families Part 1 – The Couple

Having a blended family is often a difficult and complicated journey that is high in conflict situations. However, it is becoming a more common occurrence. A blended family happens when two people marry and one or both of them have children from a previous relationship or marriage. The family will need to form a unit; however,

Understanding Marriage Counselling

Couples go through many ups and downs. We face difficulties in our lives that challenge us personally and challenge our relationships. We have different personalities, different needs and desires. Whether you have been in a relationship for 5 months or 5 years, you have likely found yourself at a crossroads, looking at your partner and

Why is my husband such an asshole?

Why is my husband such an asshole? This has been asked many times, by many women, across the world. If you will forgive my language for a moment, I will try my best to explain to you why the significant other in your life drives you mad. And just a heads up, the ladies might not

Put your needs first – not your partner’s

Take what you have learned about “compromise” and “putting your partner first” and chuck it out the window. Sometimes, we need to re-evaluate things from other perspectives, especially in the face of conflicts. The media, society and many relationship experts often push the idea that selflessness is the best way to achieve a happy relationship

Rethinking Infidelity – is an affair always the end?

Ted talk by Esther Perel. Rethinking infidelity and building a new relationship after cheating.  

This why couples should delete each other as Whatsapp contacts

I’ll bet you have most probably had a similar text conversation before: “I’m bringing takeaways, I’ll be home at 6.” “K” “why just k? Is something wrong? Should I rather be cooking for you?” It seems to be a piece of advice so often given but so rarely taken - do not communicate important issues

Love languages in marriage

Love languages in marriage vary between each individual. Here is a Facebook video with great advice on how it's important to understand the different ways we love our partners! The love languages in marriage

Q&A – My husband won’t go for counselling

Question from Anonymous: We are having problems but my husband refuses to go for marriage counselling. How can I convince him? I just don't know what to do :-( Answer from Zoe Wilson: Hi Anon. Thank you for your question. I can sense you're in a tough space right now with how to approach working